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The Operating Principle Of The Lift Chair

At present, the lifting platform on the market using the lifting device is divided into three categories --- hydraulic, mechanical and air pressure. In the low-end lift chair to the majority of air pressure. Pneumatic lift chair has a cylinder, the cylinder piston rods up and down movement dominate the chair movements, regular manufacturers are filled with nitrogen, the concentration is generally more than 99%, the pressure in about one or two atmospheric pressure.

The lift part has the following features:

When you press the lift valve switch:

People sit up, that is, to lift the shaft pressure, lift the shaft to gently drop, Lifting Chair the speed is uniform, can be reduced to the lowest point.

Do not give the lift shaft external force, lift shaft immediately bounce back to the highest point, the speed is slightly faster, less than a second.

Do not press (or press the middle of the release) when the valve switch:

The lift shaft remains in the current position, Lifting Chair and neither compression nor stretching can move it relative to the outer sleeve.

First understand the simpler freestyle gas spring:

The freestyle air spring is simple and consists of three components: a closed cylinder, a piston in the cylinder, and a piston rod that extends outside. Cylinder inside the air pressure than the outside of the atmospheric pressure to the cylinder inside the piston on both sides of a small hole connected. According to the knowledge of secondary physics, if the pressure inside the piston rod, then the resistance is constant, that is, Lifting Chair both ends of the piston rod air pressure difference.

Self-locking is a free-style piston rod inside a shaft, the shaft inside the other end of the door attached to the valve, the valve to control the piston part of the communication hole. When the valve is pressed when the communication hole has, the equivalent of a free type; valve bounce when the Unicom hole is not, it will lock.

Here: the cylinder is our outer sleeve; the piston is our lifting shaft; Lifting Chair the piston shaft is our valve button switch.

The operating principle of the lift chair

The computer chair is one of the categories of office chairs: a sitting part of the chair that can be turned.

Lifting chairs are generally divided into semi-swivel chairs and full swivel chairs. Semi-swivel chair is able to positive about 90 degrees of rotation. A full swivel chair is a chair that rotates 360 degrees.

Usually by: headrest, back, chair sitting, handrails, support rod (gas rod), shaft, claw, claw wheel composition.

Lifting chair lift operation principle: the chair has been able to lift, because the lift device has a pressure bar, the pressure bar is a gas and liquid as the working medium, can play support, buffer, brake, height adjustment and angle Adjustment and other functions of the elastic components, Lifting Chair the basic principle is the internal charge of high pressure nitrogen, due to the piston inside the through hole, the piston gas pressure at both ends of the same, and the piston on both sides of the cross-sectional area is different from one end of the piston rod and the other end No, under the action of gas pressure, the pressure to the side of the small cross-sectional area, that is, the pressure of the pressure bar, people sit up to lift the shaft pressure, the lifting shaft is gently down, the speed is uniform, can be reduced to the lowest point. Do not give the lift shaft external force, Lifting Chair lift the axis back to the highest point.

 The gas spring can be stopped at any position in the stroke by means of the release device and has a large locking force (which can reach above 10000N) after stopping.