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The Integrated Refractometer Is An Indispensable Diagnostic Tool For Optometrists

Comprehensive refractometer is a use of multiple groups of lenses and optometry with the use of the human eye can be refractive and visual function of the detection equipment

The qualitative and quantitative analysis of the integrated refractometer in visual function determines the superiority that will be gradually popularized. Integrated refractometer in foreign applications has been nearly a hundred years of history, after several replacement, Phoropter the product has been relatively mature, and has formed a more perfect clinical practice model optometrists, clinical optometrist is an indispensable diagnostic tool, widely used in ophthalmology Hospitals, glasses stores. Let us take a look at the following integrated refractometer.

Comprehensive refractometer, also known as refractive combination mirror, as the name suggests, is to test a variety of test instruments together, is currently recognized as the main international optometry equipment. Phoropter Comprehensive refractometer can not only complete the myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and binocular refractive balance and other conventional refractive quantitative examination, and can achieve multiple special visual test function. Comprehensive refractometer by the vision checker, projector and optometry combination of three parts. Compared with the traditional manual inserts optometry method, the use of integrated refractometer, with a convenient, Phoropter fast and accurate features, can eliminate the stack of test lenses caused by the integrated lens degree error. In addition, the use of integrated refractometer, to carry out a complete visual function testing and quantitative analysis, which is almost impossible to use other optometry methods can not be achieved.

At present, the domestic optometry sector more unified optometry standards are: see clearly, see comfortable, see lasting. "See clearly, see comfortable" requires optometrists to optometry patients with refractive examination (ie, narrow sense of optometry) and try to wear, and "see a lasting" you need to visualize the visual function of patients with the analysis. But most of the optical shop optometry has been stuck in the narrow sense of optometry. Integrated refractometer in China's popularity and application, has a very important significance, will greatly enhance the level of scientific optometry technology, for the glasses retail store operators, Phoropter the use of integrated refractometer for a complete optometry inspection is also a professional ethics required. From a competitive point of view, the use of integrated optometry instrument optometry, is the professional level of optometry signs, optical shops to enhance their competitiveness as an effective means.

Comprehensive optometry instrument optometry process:

Measurement of interpupillary distance: to determine the interpupillary distance, easy in the integrated refractometer on the pupil distance to do accurate positioning.

Measurement of uncorrected eyesight, interrogation: on the uncorrected visual acuity and wear history, history of knowledge, help in the optometry in the auxiliary judgments.

Measure the main eyes: to determine the main eye as the right hand around the same, the main eye is equivalent to our habitual right hand, to find the main eye can help to balance the eyes, as appropriate, Phoropter improve the visual acuity of the main eyes.

1. Hands close together to measure both eyes while watching a fixed as the standard, his hands stretched together gradually close together, the hands and together to minimize the area. Phoropter While ensuring that you can watch as the standard, monocular judgment, which can only see the visual standard is the main eyes.

2. WORTH standard determination: in the left and right eyes were added red and green tablets. Let the customer look at WORTH as the standard, and asked the customer to observe the following point why the color. If the customer sees red, use the red filter's eyes as the primary eye. And vice versa.