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The Comprehensive Optometry System Is Of Great Significance

The superiority of the comprehensive optometry in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the visual function determines that it will be popularized gradually. The comprehensive optometry instrument has been used in foreign countries for nearly a century and has been upgraded, the product has been developed relatively, and has formed a more perfect clinical practice mode, is an indispensable diagnostic tool for clinical optometrists, Phoropter widely used in ophthalmic hospitals, glasses stores.

Integrated optometry, also known as refraction combination mirror, as the name implies, is a variety of test lenses together, an instrument, is currently recognized in the international major optometry equipment. The comprehensive optometry instrument can not only complete the quantitative examination of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, old vision and binocular refractive balance, Phoropter but also can realize multiple special visual testing functions. The integrated optometry instrument consists of three parts, which are the Vision Checker, the projector and the optometry combination platform. Compared with the traditional hand-insert optometry method, Phoropter the comprehensive optometry instrument has the advantages of convenience, rapidity and accuracy, and can eliminate the error of the lens degree caused by the superimposed test lenses. In addition, the use of comprehensive optometry, can carry out a complete visual function testing and quantitative analysis, this is the use of other optometry methods can hardly be achieved.

At present, the domestic optometry industry more uniform standards are: see Clearly, look comfortable, and see lasting. "Visible and comfortable" requires an optometrist to perform refractive examination (that is, narrowly optometry) and trial wear in patients with eye light, and "persistence" requires a visual function check and analysis of the eye-light patients. But most of the optician's optometry has been in the narrow sense of optometry. Phoropter The popularization and application of the comprehensive optometry instrument in our country has very important significance, it will greatly improve the technical level of optometry in our country, and for the operators of spectacle retailers, the comprehensive optometry examination is also required by the professional ethics. Phoropter From the point of view of competition, the use of comprehensive optometry optometry, is a professional optometry level of the logo, is an effective means to enhance their own competitiveness.

Comprehensive optometry instrument is a comprehensive ability of optometry equipment, it is recognized as the main international standard optometry equipment, in the advanced developed countries popular use has been nearly a century of history. It is improved on the basis of traditional insert-film optometry method, Phoropter which makes the optometry more scientific, rigorous and accurate by using the advanced science and technology and combining with the complicated theory of refractive optics. Since the invention of the cross cylindrical mirror, and after continuous improvement and update, has formed a relatively perfect unified model. Phoropter The traditional examination of optometry can only judge the static diopter of the eye, and the comprehensive optometry instrument is currently internationally recognized, standard, the best optometry equipment, its main function is not only to carry out refractive examination, Phoropter accurate judgement of the patient's diopter, but also can carry out eye adjustment and binocular balance measurement, integrated diagnosis of the function of the eye, More scientifically fitting glasses.

The advantages of the integrated optometry instrument

A. The optometrist operation is convenient, adds the lens degree to need to rotate the optometry head the wheel, does not need to take the change lens, facilitates quickly.

B. Patients do not have to use an audition frame, the audition frame is multiple lens stack

The weight is too heavy, which leads to uncomfortable wear.

M. astigmatism axis Scale-observation of the axis position of the corrected astigmatism on the comprehensive optometry instrument

N. Cylindrical mirror Rotation knob-for addition minus -0.25DC (only myopic astigmatism on the synthetic optometry instrument)

O. Adjusting the axis position knob of astigmatism--a rotary knob for adjusting the direction of the astigmatism axis

P. astigmatism window--observation of the degree of correction of astigmatism on an integrated optometry instrument

Q. (patient) foramen--lenses or auxiliary functional lenses with orthodontic correction in patients

R. Roof-Adjust the vertex distance S. Roof distance Adjustment button--for adjusting the distance between the cornea and the visual hole of the synthetic optometry instrument

T. Pupil Distance Dimension window--Observe the distance of the hole in the synthetic optometry instrument

U. Set rod--used to adjust the proximity of an integrated optometry instrument or to adjust the degree of aggregation

V. Horizontal adjustment Knob--used to adjust the integrated refractometer is in the horizontal position

W. Face protection Board-easy to protect the patient's face X. Vertex distance scale--observation of the distance between cornea and synthetic optometry

Y. Refraction vertex distance mirror--convenient for the optometrists to observe the vertex distance

Z. Bracket--a rotating disc for the suspension of an entire integrated optometry instrument