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Ophthalmic Devices Have Excellent Performance

Ophthalmic equipment covering the field of ophthalmic examination and treatment, ophthalmic examination of the field of multi-spectral eye shadow imaging system RHA and Model 30 pneumatic flattening tonometer, can be used as eye disease-based systemic disease, early warning, Treatment equipment for Italy's most advanced Evolution ultra-thin glass cut one machine, superb design, excellent performance, Ophthalmic Equipment so that doctors enjoy the process of surgery.

Ophthalmic equipment solutions provide ophthalmologists with the ergonomics and reliability they need and provide a higher quality of care for the patient.

Ophthalmic equipment sports institutions, involving seats and workstations, inspection equipment, Ophthalmic Equipment lens grinders and more. Regardless of the type of exercise your application requires, SKF can help develop your design solution.

Ophthalmic equipment features: safe and scientific to provide RPE and a deeper level of observation channels

RPE observation channel, HD. At present, the only positive, Ophthalmic Equipment high pixel RPE eye examination equipment.

Access to retina, choroidal vascular information, noninvasive. Completely out of the injection of contrast agent risk and side effects, fundus vascular examination convenient and easy.

Really realize the triple layer of retina imaging, meticulous. Ophthalmic Equipment From the inner membrane of the retina to RPE, layer by layer, clear imaging.

Ophthalmic equipment costs include fixed costs and variable costs (1) equipment fixed costs include the following: ① equipment acquisition costs depreciation costs: equipment depreciation calculation formula: annual depreciation = equipment total ÷ depreciation period.

To maintain a good momentum of development and vitality, and the development of new technologies and new business is often inseparable from the advanced medical equipment.In recent years, Ophthalmic Equipment our department has acquired a number of equipment, how to do the application of these equipment quality management work They play an important role in the construction of medical technology, so as to create a good social and economic benefits for the hospital, has become an important issue in front of us.