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Lift Chair Ventilation

Lifting chair is mainly by the lifting device of the lower part of the chair, the current lifting device is mainly divided into three categories: oil pressure, mechanical type and pressure. Pneumatic lift chair is the most common lift chair, air pressure lift chair has a pressure bar, air rod is a gas and liquid for the working medium, can play support, buffering, braking, height adjustment and angle adjustment and other functions of the elastic elements, its basic principle is the internal charge of high-pressure nitrogen, Lifting Chair because in the piston inside the hole, the piston at both ends of the gas pressure is equal, and the piston on both sides of the cross-sectional area is different, one end is connected with the piston rod and the other end is not, in the gas pressure, Lifting Chair resulting in a small section of That is, the elasticity of the air rod, people sit up to the lifting shaft pressure, the take-off and landing shaft gently drop, uniform speed, can be reduced to the lowest point. Do not give the lifting shaft external force, lifting shaft rise back to the highest point. Normal manufacturers are filled with nitrogen, Lifting Chair the concentration is generally above 99%, pressure in one or two atmospheres around.

The lifting device used in the lift chair is divided into 3 types--hydraulic pressure, mechanical type and air pressure. In the lower end of the lift chair in the majority of air pressure. Pneumatic lift chair There is a cylinder, the piston in the cylinder in the pneumatic rod up and down movement of the chair, Lifting Chair normal manufacturers are using nitrogen filling, the concentration is generally above 99%, pressure in one or two atmospheres around. The lifting part has the following characteristics: Press the lift valve switch when: People sit up, that is, Lifting Chair to the lifting shaft pressure, the lifting shaft gently drop, the speed is even, can be reduced to the lowest point. Do not give the lifting shaft external force, the lifting shaft immediately bounced back to the highest point, slightly faster, less than one seconds. When the valve switch is not pressed (or in the middle of the press): The lift shaft is kept in its current position, and the compression and stretching cannot move it relative to the outer sleeve. First understand the simpler free air spring: The free air spring is simpler, consisting of three components: a closed cylinder, Lifting Chair a piston in the cylinder, and a piston rod outside. The air pressure inside the cylinder is larger than the external atmospheric pressure, and the piston inside the cylinder is connected by a small hole. According to the knowledge of middle school physics, if the piston rod is pressed in, the resistance is constant, that is, the difference of air pressure at both ends of the piston rod. Self-Locking is the freedom of the piston rod inside the shaft, Lifting Chair the shaft is connected with the valve, the valve to control the piston part of the unicom hole. When the valve is pressed, the unicom hole has the equivalent of a free type; when the valve bounces, the unicom hole is gone and it will be locked. Here: the cylinder is our sleeve; the piston is our lift shaft; the shaft in the piston is our valve button switch. So for this kind of chair, when the pressure in the sleeve is basically constant (do not know that the cylinder is generally a few atmospheric pressure, if the pressure is large, it is actually a small hand.) However, from the online case, for analogy, the majority of the shell is more solid than burst, the handle to the top out.

The lift chair exquisite fine workmanship, the more perfect design idea, the appearance is beautiful, in the craft uses the advanced dust-free technology processing. This is no doubt in the dust-free workshop, Lifting Chair hospitals and other environmental use occupies a great advantage.

Chair Surface High-strength High hardness, wear-resistant corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti-fission, cooling breathable, texture comfortable, suitable for anti-static requirements of the environment to use.

Lift chair sit surface using the latest research and development of the material produced by the ring, the surface resistance of the material is 10 6 times the following or 6 times to 10 of the 11 ohms.