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LCD Vision Can Provide Night Mode

LCD Vision table also known as Automatic Electronic Vision Checker, the alignment of the new national vision standards. This visual acuity meter is suitable for the general physical examination of children, adolescents or automatic Electronic Vision Checker, visual impairment screening and clinical diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic and optic optics, and the measurement of visual acuity in academic, scientific research, LCD Visual Acuity Chart teaching and fitting mirrors. Especially suitable for the visual inspection of the Air Force, which solves the influence of the medical personnel's command, judgment, record and statistic, and makes the result more just and reasonable.

LCD Vision Table Precision, convenience, multi-function, and many other advantages of the automatic anti-cheating vision table. Simple operation process: Select test items-swipe-prepare-test-Auto report-result printing-storage. LCD Visual Acuity Chart The entire process eliminates the need for medical personnel to command, greatly reduce the workload of medical personnel

Characteristics of liquid crystal vision table:

Optional working distance

Intelligent display

Contrast Vision Check

Night mode

Show Slide Imaging

Optional working distance

The working distance can be selected from 2.5 to 6 meters in advance, LCD Visual Acuity Chart the increment is 50 centimeters, can adapt to any size of the optometry room.

Binocular Polarized Vision Table

Built-in polarized vision can change binocular vision function

SC-1600 uses state-of-the-art technology and special liquid crystal displays to evaluate the eyes in a traditional way with modern design.

Night mode

SC-1600 can provide "night mode" to check night vision at low brightness.