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Comprehensive Optometry Improves Optometry Speed

The superiority of the comprehensive optometry in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the visual function determines that it will be popularized gradually. The comprehensive optometry instrument has been used in foreign countries for nearly a century and has been upgraded, Phoropter the product has been developed relatively, and has formed a more perfect clinical practice mode, is an indispensable diagnostic tool for clinical optometrists, widely used in ophthalmic hospitals, glasses stores. Let's take a look at the synthetic refractometer.

Integrated optometry, also known as refraction combination mirror, as the name implies, is a variety of test lenses together, an instrument, is currently recognized in the international major optometry equipment. The comprehensive optometry instrument can not only complete the quantitative examination of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, Phoropter old vision and binocular refractive balance, but also can realize multiple special visual testing functions. The integrated optometry instrument consists of three parts, which are Vision Checker, projector and optometry combination. Compared with the traditional hand-insert optometry method, Phoropter the comprehensive optometry instrument has the advantages of convenience, rapidity and accuracy, and can eliminate the error of the lens degree caused by the superimposed test lenses. In addition, the use of comprehensive optometry, can carry out a complete visual function testing and quantitative analysis, this is the use of other optometry method is almost impossible.

At present, the domestic optometry industry more uniform standards are: see Clearly, look comfortable, and see lasting. "Visible and comfortable" requires an optometrist to perform refractive examination (that is, narrowly optometry) and trial wear in patients with eye light, and "persistence" requires a visual function check and analysis of the eye-light patients. But most of the optician's optometry has been in the narrow sense of optometry. Phoropter The popularization and application of the comprehensive optometry instrument in our country has very important significance, it will greatly improve the technical level of optometry in our country, and for the operators of spectacle retailers, the comprehensive optometry examination is also required by the professional ethics. Phoropter From the point of view of competition, the use of comprehensive optometry optometry, is a professional optometry level of the logo, Phoropter is an effective means to enhance their own competitiveness.

Comprehensive optometry function is complete, the operation is very simple, almost all the optometry process is only through a dial and a button to achieve, and can be set by invoking the optometry process, Phoropter very smooth implementation of expert optometry. The specific elaboration is as follows:

(1) The visual acuity tester can directly receive data from the computer optometry instrument and the check-piece instrument as the initial optometry data, or it can set up the initial optometry data conveniently and quickly by a dial plate and several buttons of the Operation disk. The manual vision Tester can only be operated by manual rotation of the left and right sides of the various control roulette to achieve, low efficiency.

(2) The Force Inspector can directly control the projection of the projector by the operating disk, and centralize control to reduce the working density of the optometrists. and through the program design, Phoropter some of the need for specific projection film and television and computer vision tester of the specific function of the lens to coordinate the check function of the interlocking design, use is very convenient. For example, Phoropter the binocular balance view of the projector and the linkage interlock design of the left and right eye polarized lenses in the computer vision Tester as long as the eyes of the operation disk balance visual standard, projector automatically projected binocular balance of vision, and optometrists need the polarizing lens will automatically turn to the eyes of the patients, so greatly simplifying the operation of the optometrist density, improve the speed of optometry. Phoropter and the use of manual vision Checker must be on the side of the projector remote control, while the "Lung head" on both sides of the left and right, the efficiency is low, optometrists work density is very large.

(3) Computer Vision Tester has been to the direction of intelligent optometry development trend, general computer vision Tester can be built-in 5 sets of optometry process, optometrists can according to their preferences to develop optometry process, automation Operation Optometry. And many computer vision monitors are built with the basic steps of the American 21-step optometry method. Glasses shop managers can be used to achieve standardization of professional optometry, chain glasses enterprises to the standardization of Optometry technology, professional management.

(4) The design of the brain Vision Checker is very humane, the operation panel's display generally has the built-in teaching Help system, the user's technical proficiency requirements are relatively low, as long as the general optometrist after a short training can be hands-on proficiency, and rarely error. For example, Phoropter the fine tuning of the astigmatism axis and the degree of astigmatism with the cross cylindrical mirror the use of the cross cylindrical mirror in the computer vision Checker only need to press 1 and 2 on the line, this is more convenient than manual flip-eye tester manually, even if you do not understand the principle of the intersection of the person can operate freely.

(5) Many optical inspection in the manual Vision Checker is difficult to do, and in the computer vision Tester can be easily completed. For example, Binocular prism synchronous isometric adjustment in the manual Vision Checker is basically impossible to achieve, and the use of Computer Vision Checker is very convenient.