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Slit lamp

Use diffuse lighting method, set the light, at low magnification, cornea, Iris and lens can be fully observed.

When used directly when the law of focus lighting, you can observe the curvature and thickness of the cornea, corneal deposits after is free of foreign matter and (KP), as well as the level of infiltration, ulcers, lesions and form; the focus when you push back, muddy part of the Crystal and vitreous body can be observed the previous 1/3 disease; as with a cone of light, you can check the floating particles in the water.

When using a mirror-like reflective radiation law, can carefully observe subtle changes before and after the cornea and lens before and after the capsule, such as exfoliative cells on the tear film, corneal endothelial pattern and Crystal sacs and adults before and after core patterns.

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