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Principle of slit lamp

The eyes are lighting. Because it is a narrow light source, so called "light sword". This "knife" radiation to the eyes to form an optical view, you can observe the health of various parts of the eye. The principle is to use the United Kingdom physicist Dindar "Dindar phenomenon."

Dindar is: when a beam of light by colloids, Colloid can be observed in the vertical direction of the incident light a light appearing in "path", this phenomenon is called Dindar phenomenon, also known as the dyndall effect.

We see this phenomenon of everyday life: the flashlight beam at night; exposure to sunlight through the window or door into the room; sunlight in the forest, and so on. Effective observation on eye health, slit-lamp must be installed in the relatively dark interior light, fractured light illuminates the eye, then check the doctor through a microscope at various parts of eye health.